Replacing Lost Milkweed Habitat for the Monarch Butterfly


Monarch Butterfly populations are down throughout North America over the past decade and their migration is in danger of ceasing. These beautiful creatures are in danger for several reasons, but the largest among them is the loss of the Monarch's milkweed habitat. We are dedicated to replacing this lost habitat through raising awareness, community engagement, modification of roadside plant management techniques, and planting lots of milkweed!




Planting Milkweed

There were several existing patches of milkweed along the trail near the bridge like the one above, but we have been planting new ones. We have transplanted several milkweeds near the North Harbour Road entrance and we are planting a large number of seeds near the old Highway 21 entrance. Hopefully they will take hold. We are also planting milkweed elsewhere in town.


How to Plant Common Milkweed

The video above is a short tutorial on how to plant Common Milkweed, the Monarch Butterfly caterpillar's main source of food in Southern Ontario. If you are looking for seeds, we have lots!

How to Raise Monarch Butterflies

This video is a short tutorial on how to raise Monarch Butterflies. How to find them, what to feed them, where to keep them, and the process.